Terms & Conditions

All users of this app must be 21 years of age and over. By registering to use this app you attest that you are 21 years of age and that  and that you accept all the terms and conditions in the 'statements of compliance' below as having been made by you for the purposes of compliance with legal and Zip Sip requirements.

"As a Registered user of ZIP SIP I confirm that I am 21 years of Age and that I am legally permitted to purchase Alcoholic products such as Wine and Beer sold through this app which shall be strictly limited to the maximum quantities that are  permitted by the Excise Dept. of Sri Lanka and other relevant agencies.

For orders for which I have not made payment at the time of order, I Agree to pay to pay the delivery rider for my purchases at the time of taking delivery, by Cash (COD) or by Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard only) and that  Zip Sip will not accept a return of goods unless otherwise damaged at the time of delivery. I agree that Zip Sip is under no obligation whatsoever to hand over products for which payment has not been received in advance or at the time of delivery. I agree that once I have taken over the goods by signing the invoice  for goods delivered that the sale is final and returns will not be possible thereafter. For damaged goods that have been accepted for return by Zip Sip,  I agree that the replacement product (if available ) shall be replaced  by Zip Sip only on the next working day and no delivery charge will be applicable for same.

As a condition of sale, I expressly agree to show proof of my age when accepting the goods from the delivery person of ZIP SIP by submitting my ID Card/Passport/Driving License, and shall permit the delivery person to take a digital image of said ID in accordance with Zip Sip Guidelines

 By registering to use the app, I agree that this is the equivalent of a signed acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

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